Is the Three Strikes Law Absurd ???

14 01 2009

First, the three strikes law is a little different in every state it has been enacted in. But it usually provides for an individual who has been convicted of 3 felonies to be put in prison for life. Some states require the felonies to all have been violent. Some states require only 1 of 3 felonies to be violent. Some states allow for parole after a minimum of 25 years. Some states do not allow for parole ever. The huge problem with the 3 strikes is that some perps have been given life for shoplifting or stealing cookies.


I think the State level Three Strikes Laws are ABSURD. When you give a guy 25 years to life for stealing cookies or shoplifting after he already had 2 priors including a violent crime, that is wrong and uncalled for and an excessive punishment.

First, the prison systems in this country in many cases should have a much higher priority focus on hi value job training and high tech work programs in prisons.  That being said, there is so much variance in sentencing that the feds should enforce sentencing guidelines better. In California for example, the Three Strikes Law can put a 3rd time offended in prison for life without the chance of parole for stealing cookies. That is absurd.

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