Here is one NOT to laugh about… State Seat Belt Laws

14 07 2008
car crash

car crash

All 50 states have sealtbelt laws… but could we do a better job with this if it was one of those laws that was federally mandated? For one thing we would make it easier for all Americans to remember seatbelt rules if it were the same in all 50 states. We would also set a standard for a minimum where states had the right to make their own laws that were even more stringent if they so desired. I think we should have a federal seatbelt law.
One of the inconsistancies with seat belt laws in the US is that cops cannot pull over a vehicle for obvious disregard of seatbelt laws in some states. That does not seem right to me and I am surprised insurance companies have not pushed harder to get this mandated federally. They are shelling out more cash to pay for crashes where injuries for all parties could have been minimized if police had the power to enforce better.
So I thinkthe fact we do not have federal seat belt laws is ABSURD.