Is the Film Extraordinary Rendition Absurd ?

15 01 2009

I saw the 2007 film Extraordinary Rendition and Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon starred in the movie and they are still apparently (and coincidentally) active socially if such reports are to be believed. The movie was a fictional account, but it exposed the practice of legal kidnapping that the US CIA and State Department have been sometimes engaged in for decades. It is meant as a means of capturing and gleaning information from suspected terrorists, but since there is no due process, it’s a flawed system at best, and innocent people are sometimes victim to the practice as was the subject in this movie. The movie is loosely based on the alleged Maher Arar story and whether these are facts or fantasy, the premise is that suspects are sometimes apprehended illegally and flown to 3rd world countries where they can be tortured for information.


Is the film Extraordinary Rendition absurd? In my humble and professional opinion, NO. The film is indeed based on a system that is real and is flawed, albeit somewhat necessary – at least in part. My opinion, do we need to apprehend suspected terrorists without due process in foreign countries without authority form that country? My answer, yes but only in rare instances.

Final word: there is an almost incredible Wiki on extraordinary rendition covering over 14,000 words.

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