Is Colin Powell’s endorsement ABSURD?

20 10 2008
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Absolutely absurd – NOT !!  This is a free country and everyone has a right and somewhat of a responsibility to say and do what he or she feels is the right thing. As long as it does not hurt others in terms of safety or slander. So Republicans are a little bent out of shape, and John McCain is disappointed, but I agree with Mr. Powell as far as him going “off the reservation” if he feels it is necessary and prudent.

Colin Powell achieved greatness partly because he was a Republican and George Bush (senior) liked him and made him the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs during the first Gulf War.

In the military we had a phrase, “It takes a thousand addaboys to erase a single Fubar”. In other words, you can do a thousand things right, but that one big mistake can instantly erase all the good credit you had built up. On the other side of that coin if you have a single huge mistake, it takes a thousand things done right to change your image.

In my lifetime the single worst thing the United States ever did (IMHO) was based on a decision from Colin Powell. He advised the President during the first Gulf War to stop 60 miles short of Baghdad and let the locals oust Saddam Hussein from office. We all know how well that decision played out. Hussein pulled almost 200,000 (that is two hundred thousand living human beings) from their homes and executed them in front of their families and neighbors. Then he terrorized the country until the next Gulf War.

So although Mr. Powell is Absurd NOT in going off the reservation again, looking at his decision to support Obama might be a warning note to some. Here is a guy that has made thousands of good decisions and a couple that were significant errors. Mr. Powell made that choice to support Obama for all the logical reasons… but in the end I think he might have done better in terms of security for our nation by voting for his friend and Vietnam Veteran buddy McCain.

When Mr. Obama embraces the President of Iran as he said he would for the purposes of opening a dialog, let’s ask Mr. Powell again if he made the right decision. Personally I like Colin Powell, I enjoy listening to him speak, but I use his logical decisions as a solid indication for me to take another look.

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