Did everyone have a great vacation with no ABSURD LAWS to bother them?

4 09 2008
Augusta, MaineImage via Wikipedia

I did. We went to Maine this year and visited Kennebunkport and Camden. They are both pretty as a postcard with the nicest friendliest people anywhere. We went out on a working Lobster Boat and did some sailing. And plenty of eating. I did not eat Lobster until our last morning in Camden when I had it in an omlet… which was spectacular.

There was an ABSURD NOT law that I was impressed with having previously been a commercial fisherman as a young dude. There is a Maine fisheries law which prohibits keeping very large and huge lobsters. So there are literally millions of lobster traps in the summer months and they have a minimum size for keepers and they have a maximum size for keepers. Mature and large lobsters can reproduce 4 times as much as smaller ones so this is good for the environment and good for the lobster business. Absurd NOT laws rule !!

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