Is the Electoral College Absurd ??

24 09 2008
2004 Election Map

Image by TheLawleys via Flickr

My vote is overwhelmingly – Yes – it’s absurd !!! In this day of electronic and computer based control system there is absolutely no need for an electoral college.  It was invented to control a common problem 250 years ago where mobs were encouraged to vote for a particular candidate by getting free food and drinks. I think there should be one vote per person and that’s it. Lets go to a pure Democracy because our computers can certainly handle it.

The worst part of having an Absurd system like the Electoral College is sometimes the popularly elected winner in the Presidential race is NOT elected.This has happened 3 times in history:1876, 188 (who cares right?) and 2000 when George W. Bush beat Al Gore by 5 electoral college votes and LOST to popular vote.