Is a law against chewing or possessing gum ABSURD?

13 10 2008
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I’ve been to Singapore around a dozen times and I have carried chewing gum with me every time. I’m a gum addict I suppose… but I’m also a responsible adult and I never put finished gum anywhere but a trash bin. The Island Nation of Singapore is known widely because of its natural equatorial beauty, its harmonious multi-cultural environment, it’s alignment with western values in an eastern nation, and it’s sometimes ABSURD laws. In my humble opinion, the law that makes it illegal to import gum or to have it or use it is totally ABSURD.

Why can’t the government treat their citizens as responsible adults? The obvious implication is that citizens of Singapore cannot be trusted to act like responsible adults, that is why this baby law is on the books – and enforced.

It is interesting that the government relaxed the law slightly in order to enter into a Free Trade Agreement with the US which saved them hundreds of millions of dollars. They made it legal to chew medical gum as long as a Doctor or Dentist sold it and recorded the purchasers name and address info.

That is actually a step in the right direction but come on people, if you can’t trust your citizens to walk and chew gum at the same time that is a sad state of affairs.

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