Cash for Clunkers is Totally ABSURD

28 08 2009

I did not get to vote on my tax money being spent to give GM workers a free lunch. The average GM worker makes 72 DOLLARS AN HOUR in total compensation when you combine their pay and their benefits. That’s disgusting. I work hard and I pay 10 grand for my medical for just me and my 2 kids. Why should my tax money be used to prop up a corrupt company and a dozen corrupt unions without my say in the matter? I’ll tell you why, it’s because the politicians giving our tax money away to the big US Automakers are getting cash kickbacks, or votes, or deals. FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL ! These politicians are all getting the payola to break the backs of hard working American taxpayers without us getting a chance to vote on it.

Cash for Clunkers should be a crime. It’s nothing short of Totally Absurd. And I guess it’s an ABSURD LAW at this point. It’s so ridiculous, it does not even require alternate or clean energy cars like HYBRIDS. That’s becasue it’s a crime happening before our eyes to prop up a corrupt industry that has been robbing America blind for decades.

Make gas 7 bucks a gallon. Give huge tax breaks for clean alternate energy. Get rid of corn based Ethanol – it costs 7 times the cost to make it as other clean fuels. Get wise America. Lets roll up our sleeves and duke it out with these corrupt politicians. Cash for Clunkers is TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. Follow the money trail… every single one of the politicians involved is profiting illegally or in the form of buying union votes with our hard earned cash.