Bergen County Blue Laws

7 07 2008
bergen county nj

bergen county nj

We have had so called “Blue Laws” in the United Stats for hundreds of years. They were mainly designed to encourage more church attendance on Sunday mornings by prohibiting operation of businesses on Sundays. Well there were a lot of laws on the books two hundred years ago that were inappropriate or what we would now term as “politically incorrect”. Civil rights in the 1960’s eliminated many of these unfortunate and absurd laws. But one of these blue laws lives on and is going strong. The Bergen County Blue Laws that were started probably in the 1960s.

So Bergen County has blue laws to ease the traffic on Route 17 and Route 4 for one day a week. But I think That’s an Absurd Law. I find myself going to New York State to go shopping on Sundays when I am too busy with work on Saturday to go. And Paramus wants to collect huge taxes from operating the malls and then cut off the shoppers for 50 towns in every direction so they can have a little less congestion on one afternoon? Forget about it, sooner or later one of the giant retailers will have a law firm do personal investigations on all the board members in Paramus who vote in the blue laws and they will “somehow” get the law repealed.