Is it absurd to use CASH when we could all use electronic money?

15 09 2008
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In this day and age we could easily eliminate cash in the United States. Decades ago we found 96% of all 100 dollar bills had physical traces of cocaine powder on them . Over 9 out of every 10 hundreds. Wow !!! Illegal aliens lives their entire lives in the United States “under the wire” because they only use case. Trillions of dollars in business goes unregistered and untaxed and unregulated because we use cash. Using Cash is ABSURD.

If we used all electronic money the cops taking kickbacks from drug dealers would get caught. The illegal immigrants earning a huge living and not paying any taxes would get caught. The waitresses who make 50 thousand bucks a year and declare 9 thousand in earnings will get caught. The politicians getting paid to manipulate the law will get caught. The lawyers who are the biggest thieves in the country will get caught.

We just CAN’T HAVE THAT, it would only leave the honest hard working people like you and me.

That way we could track drug dealers and dope buyers. We could

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