Was the first bailout ABSURD?

30 09 2008
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How can American tax payers be so stupid that they are willing to sign a blank check to the same Robber Barron’s that caused the financial disaster in the first place? The answer is they are NOT THAT STUPID. The Senators were willing to sign immediately… Hey their friends are set to loose lots of money. Friends and campaign supporters that is. The Congress killed the first bailout plan and I am proud of them for doing so. That was becasue too many taxpayers said NO BLANK CHECKS for this garbage. I want executives to go to jail to do hard time. I don’t want to shell out a penny before I know someone is going to jail.

Bravo Congress for holding back on teh first Bailout !!! The first bailout with it’s blank check and 3 page vague details was TOTALLY ABSURD.

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