2nd Amendment… absurd constitutional law ??

26 06 2008

The US Supreme court is deciding a ruling on whether the 2nd amendment gives people the right to bear arms or the right for an armed militia to form. The incident that sparked this was a law in Washington DC that prohibits the possession of hand guns. In a city that elected a known crack head to another term as mayor, allowing handguns to circulate will certainly lead to more gun crime and death.

The US has around 10,000 murders a year. Is that what freedom is supposed to be about? I doubt it. But the gun lobby has a lot of money and they make a lot of payoffs. It will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court handles this. I hope they rule the possession of hand guns is NOT constitutionally guaranteed. I think citizens should apply for them and face a background test. That is reasonable. Those citizens should also supply DNA, and retina scans, and fingerprint, and biographical information.

I enjoy shooting trap and skeet with my children who are 8 and 10 years old. We do it in a controlled environment that is safe and fun. There are 90 guns in the US for every 100 people and that is too many.

gun law decision

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