Is the Phelps Investigation Going Too Far?

13 03 2009

Michael Phelps made world wide headlines in November 2008 when cell phone photos surfaced showing him apparently using a pot pipe.  Since then the Columbia South Carolina Sheriff’s Department has arrested 8 people associated with the incident… asked them all kinds of questions about Phelps… but they have not arrested Phelps himself.  And with the maximum charges that appear to be possible being a misdemeanor, it’s starting to seem like the Sheriff Mr. Leon Lott might be going too far.  He seems to be spending an inordinate amount of the tax payer’s money and the valuable time of the investigators and other staff in his department on this investigation.

Forget about the fact that our current President of the United States and the last 2 Presidents were all admitted “users” at one time or another during their youth, the media frenzy surrounding this case was HUGE. Is it possible the Sherrif is using that to get favorable media attention for himself?

Columbia SC criminal defense lawyer Jack Swerling has been quoted in numerous national media sources during the last 4 months and I picked this up from “The Liberty Papers”:

”The efforts that are being made here are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before,” said Jack Swerling, a defense attorney in South Carolina. ”I know Leon Lott, I know him to be an honorable guy. I’ve known him for 30 something years. But the efforts here are extraordinary on simple possession cases.”


So if our President can stand up and admit it… and it did not prevent him from getting elected President… is it getting a little ABSURD that the Sheriff in Columbia SC is spending so much tax payer money on this thing? Should we just go ahead and get ready to vote for Phelps for President?

Mr. Obama was quoted in the Herald Tribune when he was a Senator on the campaign trail:

For one thing, he said, “When I was a kid, I inhaled.”


Is the Ban on the Pledge of Allegiance From Schools Absurd ?

21 01 2009

When I was a kid we used to recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” at the beginning of school every day. I think in High School we stopped… that was in the 1970’s. We had a policy in our school system that you did not actually have to say the pledge, but you did HAVE TO stand while the school was reciting the pledge.  In 2003, a California federal appeals court determined the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional because it violated the separation of church and state with the phrase “One Nation under God”. That decision was the beginning of a ban on the pledge in all states. Is that decision ABSURD?

In my humble and professional opinion, I’m going to have to say I’m undecided. I see a great deal of the world’s problems being caused directly by religions and religious states. And America is the home of Freedom. Not freedom from everything, but certainly freedom from religious or race or age discrimination (in theory moving toward practice). To start the ban on the pledge I think is ABSURD NOT. Lets get this issue on the table and consider it.

pledge of allegiance flag

The difficult part for me is that the pledge could be changed to eliminate the God reference and then re-instated. I do see the appeal for that idea but in practical terms, that would cause a lot of trouble in the schools where the dogmatic religions groups would force their children to disobey.

So the one person jury at “This is the Law” is out to lunch on this one waiting for a new idea to pop.

Cheers everyone !!

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