I started this blog in April 2008 because I work with lawyers and we talk about laws frequently. More often than not, every person in the conversation will have slightly different opinions about the law we are talking about. There is also a good chance that someone will find the law is simply absurd. I found it is better to laugh about a situation rather than cry about it in almost all cases.

Clarence Darrow Jr "CD Junior"

Clarence Darrow Jr "CD Junior"

But it is better to really look at some of these with the intent to fix absurd laws. So I am posting at least once a week and trying to stir up some thought and some comments, and maybe some positive action.


3 responses

23 02 2009

Good thinking Clarence. You know unless we talk about a problem we can’t fix a problem. You have a really nice looking blog here – congrats.

5 08 2009

Of course, using Arnold’s picture as your own will make some people question your credibility, I’m afraid.

28 08 2009

You are correct Mitch – thanks for your comment. I’ve got very low readership with this blog and I’m testing the waters for a real one… until then I’m using Arnold as a human shield. Until he catches up with me I suppose…. have a great weekend !!

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