H.R.2835 – Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act – Absurd or Not ?

5 08 2009

I see 2.7 million Americans in jail – mostly for drugs – mostly for marijuana, while at the same time the current and last 2 Presidents were former marijuana users. In fact there are over 100 MILLION Americans that have used or tried pot at least once in their lifetime. The almost unbelievable and utterly backward legal treatment in the United States against marijuana fostered corruption in our courts, our police forces, and the private prison system who all make up the main benefactors for the absurd anti-marijuana laws. I am not normally a fan of Barney Frank in all his efforts, but I have to stand up and applaud his work on H.R. 2835. Congratulations Mr. Frank and thank you Sir !! This is long overdue. The Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act is an Absurd NOT law and this nation needs it if we are going to reform bad thinking and bad policies that actually foster corruption.

barney frank




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6 08 2009
Do The Right Thing

I agree. The feds are a bunch of dopes. Historically, alcohol has caused up to 50,000 highway deaths PER YEAR in this country and the feds supported the industry. Time those idiots were slapped down. Barney, give ’em the slap down and have your way with them.

28 08 2009

Thanks “Do the Right Thing”. 50,000 deaths PER YEAR from an industry that is supported by our tax money! They got this thing backward.

6 08 2009

tax the medical use and stop the arrests. the private prison system owners a crooks and they pay illegal kickbacks to judges for longer sentences. Just look at this article about disqusting corruption where courts and private prison systems destroyed the lives of childrento get more illegal tax free cash:
The nonprofit Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia said Phillip is one of at least 5,000 children over the past five years who appeared before former Luzerne County President Judge Mark Ciavarella.
In my opinion the management of that prison system should get life with hard labor and no chance for parole. The judge should get capitol punishment for what he did to children.

28 08 2009

Thank You Sasha. I want those corrupt judges to get what they deserve in the general pop of a maximum security prison. They made sure the young kids they sentenced for their own money got the treatment… now they should get it in the lockdown.

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