Another ABSURD Supreme Court Ruling regarding DNA testing

18 06 2009

I just read an Associated Press article titled: Court finds convicts have no right to test DNA

Even though there have been 232 reversals of bogus convictions in violent crimes (rape and murder mostly) in this country because of DNA testing  – the Republican heavy Supreme Court just ruled the federal “Law” in this country does not provide someone convicted of a crime the right to look at his own DNA evidence !!!

I guess it’s a “sort of moot point” because 46 or 47 states already have their own DNA laws on the books that allow for or require DNA test results. It’s just like having Arnold Schwarzenegger appear in several documentary movies smoking pot for real,  and then presiding over a state with hundreds of thousands of people in prison. Many inmates in California prisons are there for federal pot crimes although in California in many cases it’s use and distribution is legal under the law, and the process is taxed federally, and by the state.

I have to say clearly I believe the Supreme Court twisted and manipulated the true intent of the law which I would have thought was to find the truth about the perpetrators of violent crimes. This is a pathetic decision denying DNA evidence in a particularly brutal rape case. It is absolutely an ABSURD law.

The United States has executed dozens of innocent people who were convicted lock stock and barrel by corrupt lawyers, witnesses, and judges. In every case where a man was murdered this way I believe every civil employee should be terminated without benefits from the cops that did the bogus arrests to the judges that did the conviction. When prosecutors are found to have withheld information as is often the case, they should have a minimum sentence of 10 years in the general pop with other criminals.

In a country where “OJ Law” rules, this decision is unfortunately not surprising, even though it is enough to make a good man get sick to his stomach reading about it.





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