NJ Statutes – NJSA 39:4-85 We MUST Give Audible Warning?

20 02 2009

Here’s an absurd law for you, or better yet, is this an absurd law after all? You decide.

NJ Statutes – NJSA 39:4-85

The driver of a vehicle overtaking another vehicle proceeding in the same direction shall pass at a safe distance… blah blah blah… […] [here is the good part] The driver of an overtaking motor vehicle not within a business or residence district shall give audible warning with his horn or other warning device before passing or attempting to pass a vehicle proceeding in the same direction.

Wow !! So we are required to beep when passing another vehicle in a rural area.

Well, I see this kind of thing a lot in foreign countries but in the US where the population is quickly getting “politically correct”, noise pollution is carefully considered. And if you are passing another vehicle in New Jersey, don’t you think yo might offend the other driver if you beep first?

I have to say that in this day and age in NJ, this appears to be an absurd law. You might agitate another driver or create noise pollution by honking.




5 responses

21 02 2009
Virginia Attorney

Is safety less of an issue than noise pollution in farmland like in South Jersey? I don’t think so. This law makes sense to me.

23 02 2009

Down in Florida where so many people carry guns in their car, you have to be more careful about who you honk your horn at. Truckers are professionals and they are less likely to get angry if yo give them a couple of quick beeps. A friendly wave when passing will almost always diffuse potential trouble.

24 02 2009
philadelphia employment lawyer

It is always better to have a law on the books rather than a grey area. Rural driving is different from urban driving. I’d like to investigate the stats and the laws a little more before I made a decision. And I’d ask someone who is a lawyer or who works with a lawyer what their take on the situations is. Here’s an example, In Pennsylvania, I’d contact a Philadelphia employment attorney and I’d ask police if I was fired from a job and I thought it was unjust. If I was pulled over and ticketed in New Jersey for beeping when I passed a truck in a rural area… I’d contact the NJ Sate Police for starters, then an attorney. That’s what I would do anyway. Cheers – Regards.

25 02 2009
Manfred J

I always honk big trucks when I’m passing but then I flash when I passed out of courtesy. It’s like saying thank you to a trucker. They almost always flash back.

29 03 2009
Law Help

I had no idea Honking was such a issue in NJ. I can see a reason for this in NYC but not in Jersey.

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