Are the Lawyers Quitting the Blagojevich Impeachment Trial Absurd?

26 01 2009

Blag’s lawyers quit the impeachment proceedings citing they were not given enought time to present their case and they did not have subpoena power to call their own witnesses. Also mentioned was they were concerned that “due process” law had not been followed.

I find this ABSURD. This is not a criminal trial, it is an impeachment proceeding in the Illinois Senate. As such it is not subject to criminal court practices.

Governor Blagojevich was caught red handed apparently trying to sell the vacant Senate seat illegally, and eventually he will face criminal prosecution for the crime. Sure he might turn the tables on the prosecution but what the nation saw on TV was shocking. Blag uses vulgar language incessantly and it’s a true indication of his base character. He will receive due process but that is going to be in his criminal trial – this has nothing to do with the impeachment hearing on the State of Illinois Senate floor.




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26 01 2009
Marc with the divorce lawyers in Miami

Many are saying Blagojevich’s wig is absurd, lol

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