Is it ABSURD to have “In God We Trust” on US Coins?

22 01 2009

Since 1938, all US coins have had the term “In God We Trust” inscribed on them, and many bills have had it as well. It that absurd? In my humble and professional opinion, this is Not Absurd. In 1956 it became law that the phrase was the official motto os the United States.


Some athiests probably object and also those that want to make sure there is a pure separation of church and state. But the God concept itself is not in itself a violation of the “Establishment Clause” of the First Amendment prohibiting the government support (endorsement) of any organized religion.

What do YOU think? Please feel free to comment.




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10 02 2009
MSNBC In God We Trust NOT « The Family Party

[…] Is it ABSURD to have “In God We Trust” on US Coins? ( […]

14 06 2009

It is absurd to state that all Americans trust god on something that is necessary in American life. It is also absurd for it to be the motto of a country who is known for religious freedom when some people believe in multiple gods or no god at all.

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