Are steroids laws ABSURD ???

20 01 2009

I just saw the movie Bigger, Stronger, Faster with my 9 year old daughter and 10 year old son. I explained everything to them as the movie went along. I was very impressed with the production.. low budget yes, but very thorough and lots of great interviews. Chris Bell is to be commended as are his brothers and his mom and dad for exposing the story. bigger-stronger-faster-cover

Both my kids are Black Belts in ATae Kwon Do and it took them 3 1/2 years of going to classes 3 times a week minimum. They went many weeks for 4 and sometimes 5 classes a week. They had to pass 16 exams with board breaking and technical forms on every one. They both have a chance to be “Masters under 21”. In Martial Arts that is a 4th degree Black Belt achieved before the 21st birthday… a rare and huge accomplishment. I want to make sure my kids know about the dangers of smoking, drinking, recreational drugs, and performance enhancing substances because I know first hand that knowledge is power. The best defense against addiction is to never start.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a hero to many and he started injecting himself with illegal steroids at age 15. Now he has thousands of people in his own California prisons for doing the same thing. It’s a hard concept to understand – I don’t understand it. I think Arnold should be a lot more proactive in dealing with the issues. But steroids have not been proven to be associated with many of the side effect claims they have been tagged with. After seeing the film I have to say I believe the steroid laws are ABSURD. I do not want to take them and I don’t think my kids should until there is more scientific data and they are fully grown adults. I don’t want them to follow in Arnold’s needle drug footsteps, although many young people ultimately do and will continue to do so.

But the facts remain… steroids will be beter understood if they are prescribed by physicians legally. Many top athletes that have been on and off steroids for 2 or 3 decades still swear by them and also HGH Human Growth Hormone. I’d like to see more research into them and a change to the laws.

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21 01 2009
Columbia Criminam Trial Attorney

With the new administration, I’m looking forward to positive changes in this country. The fact that the new President is a lawyer I think is a positive advantage. I’m looking forward to a number of areas in the law being reviewed and perhaps modified.

21 01 2009
Manhattan Bakery

This law needs an overhaul. So do a lot of laws. Here in Manhattan in Chinatown, there are not so many people with the steroids I think, but some would try the growth hormone becasue it seems like it may extend and improve life.

8 02 2009
Bobby Mucic

The use of drugs for athletics is nothing new. Did you know that cocaine use in the tour de france was practically expected in earlier times? If you ever want to read a great book about doping – “Death in the Locker Room”.

Should doctors legally prescribe steroids? They already do. Can anyone get them, no not always, but you can find someone. Ever seen the ads with the very fit elder gentleman. A medical group promotes drug therapies. In fact, the “Super Size Me” creator (Morgan Spurlock) produced a spot for his “30 days” series where someone uses HGH/steroids to get in shape. There are some consequences.

It is absurd that steroid use runs unchecked in many avenues. High School sports for example. We need laws to prevent abuse there.

13 02 2009
Navy Weight Lifter

Another bad law. I would not want guys to be on steroids in the submarine service though becasue of Roid Rage. That’s the last thing you need in a submarine, a freaked out guy yelling and screaming at everything and super violent. Some guys DO get roid rage but I think it is because they experiment with illegal combos instead of getting it from a doctor in safe levels.

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