Is it Absurd to Allow Smoking at Sports Events?

16 01 2009

China has a communist government that severely restricts freedom, but they can change laws very quickly. America has a Republic which fosters freedom, but we can’t change the law very quickly. Both government styles are very susceptible to manipulation by special interest groups who pay for votes and laws in their favor even when it has horrible effects to public health.
That being said I question whether it was an ABSURD in China to ban smoking at the Olympic events. My opinion is that smoking ban was ABSURD NOT and I commend the communists for doing this to protect all our kids from images glorifying smoking. I know many wealthy members of the communist party profit personally from so called government owned cigarette factories.

Now should we ban smoking from US Sports events – I would hope so but I doubt if it would be easy. I am thinking of the President of a local junior football league who parades around during the games puffing away on a cigar in front of 400 kids. I was influenced by John Wayne in much the same way. I had respect for “The Duke” when I was a kid and I wanted to be just like him. This junior football president is putting an image in the minds of many of the kids that it’s OK to smoke to be just like the boss. Smokers get what they deserve, but they should not be allowed to expose their dirty addiction to children at sports events IMHO.



3 responses

16 01 2009
Marc with the divorce lawyers in Miami

As an ex smoker I would say we should ban smoking, but if you asked me last year I would probably say the opposite.

20 01 2009
Seattle Attorney

You have to credit any association that promotes health for people of all ages. This does have a positive impact on kids – and a ban on smoking at public events is welcome by most.

20 01 2009
Pork Bun

I know a lot of Chinese people here in the United States. No matter what we feel about the government, we are all proud of the fact that the international community got together to make the Olympic venues smoke free. Good idea.

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