Another Case Proving the Good Sam Laws are Not Absurd

9 01 2009

burnbaby Here is another case that in my mind proves Good Samaritan Laws are Absurd NOT. This car is all that is left after a guy crashed into some trees and got hit in the head. If it were not for a passerby who smartly choose not to be identified… the man would have burned to death. He was dragged unconscious from his Pottsville Pennsylvania car accident car and as emergency services vehicles arrived, that car was already completely engulfed in flames.

Good Sam laws protect a passerby who steps in and helps out in a situation exactly like this. On the one hand, the driver might have had a broken back or a bnroken neck and it might have killed him just to move him. On the other hand, the driver would have died for sure if he were left in the front seat of a burning car. Every case like this is unique.

I found this Good Sam news at WNEP

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One response

15 01 2009
Miami Attorney

I hate to see situations where good people are passed by when they really need someone to stop and help them. Each case is unique of course and you have to put your best judgment forward.

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