President Elect Obama – Congratulations Sir !!

14 11 2008
Barack Obama

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On a campaign well run and good luck with your new job !! From everyone who has supported and contributed to this blog I know it is fair to speak in unison that we all wish you good luck and good health as you try to guide our nation and our world to better times. Thank You !!!

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4 responses

14 11 2008

4 years to go !! Good luck Mr. Obama.

21 11 2008

Looking forward to many positive changes. Seattle and the world need some clean energy initiatives. A lot of our air is already polluted by the time it gets to us.

10 12 2008
marc with the defense attorneys in atlanta

i still cant believe they didnt cheat him out of the elections like they did to Gore and Kerry

4 01 2009
Bobby Mucic

My wife asked me if I could recollect so much media coverge from a president elect…
No I can’t.

But I think the current situation (wars, economy, & societal change) are unprecedented.

I hope for the best!

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