H.R. 5990: Video Games Ratings Enforcement Act… is this law ABSURD?

22 10 2008

OK we had a lot of insanely violent video games being played by kids way under the age of 10. The issues raised by parents groups got the gaming industry to agree on and adopt a ratings system to help parents filter out violence. There are games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: which allegedly depicted sexual crimes and ultra violence… and really no parent wants their grade school kids on GTA. The “M rating” was for Mature audiences – users of games like GTA, so parents knew not to buy M games for tots.

So a lot of State Legislatures acknowledged the voluntary ratings by the game manufacturers but they felt there should be a law in place to guarantee game makers would comply. But also that retailers would not see a game intended for Mature or Adult only audiences to a minor. That eventually lead to the Feds taking the lead and Jim Matheson (Dem- UT) introduced this bill just before the summer of 2008.

Here is the current stat from GovTrack.us

IMHO I have to give this one an ABSURD NOT. I have a 10 year old kid who is a major gamer and he is into some advanced stuff but I do NOT let him go near Grand Theft Auto. That is too far out there and inappropriate. I appreciate that the industry tried to self regulate but I feel this is an appropriate piece of legislation. We are not legislating morality, just the proper classification and sale to minors.

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30 10 2008

THis is one of those issues where you hope the private sector will regulate itself but you can’t guarantee that so you make a law. I agree with it becasue parents can feel better knowing they can rely on the ratings. Grand Theft Auto is a great game for adults perhaps, but for example as a Miami accident attorney, I would not want young kids playing car crash when their minds are not fully able to differentiate between what is play and what is actually a real and serious subject.

24 11 2008
Divorce Lawyers in Miami FL

This is a complex issue as well. It begs the question, “How much parenting should society do for me?” I sit on both sides of the fence on this one….

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