If Double Jeopardy laws are Absurd NOT, where is the weak link?

6 10 2008
O.J. Simpson wipes h...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

We have to wait months for OJ to get sentenced but I can’t help but to go back for the hundredth time to think about what went wrong the first time.

The Bruno Magli shoes, and what was that saying… if the glove don’t fit you must aquit. The judge that cried openly in front of the jury when the racist comments of an LA Cop were revealed.

The shock of the original OJ trial is a testament to the fact that in some cases in the US, the bad guy does win when he can afford the best lawyers.

So we could not take him to court again for the murder of his x-wife and her friend… but we definately could try him for kidnapping. Oh Baby !!! So why did we have to wait? Why could we do nothing while he was seen on the golf course with new girlfriends and nice clothes and – well – not incarcerated for life fir a double homicide?

The weak link in my best guestimation is the civil judgement. When he did not pay he should have gone to jail. Just my humble opinion.But my understanding is that he did not pay the Goldman a single dime and he never intended to.


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