Was the first bailout ABSURD?

30 09 2008
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How can American tax payers be so stupid that they are willing to sign a blank check to the same Robber Barron’s that caused the financial disaster in the first place? The answer is they are NOT THAT STUPID. The Senators were willing to sign immediately… Hey their friends are set to loose lots of money. Friends and campaign supporters that is. The Congress killed the first bailout plan and I am proud of them for doing so. That was becasue too many taxpayers said NO BLANK CHECKS for this garbage. I want executives to go to jail to do hard time. I don’t want to shell out a penny before I know someone is going to jail.

Bravo Congress for holding back on teh first Bailout !!! The first bailout with it’s blank check and 3 page vague details was TOTALLY ABSURD.

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Is a Presidential Debate Absurd?

26 09 2008

Absolutely… NOT !!! I think this is the ultimate form of politcs… the public debate of the issues. I would have preferred to see the debates start earlier but tonight they light the candle. This reminds me of all the classic debates in human history and in a Democracy this is what gives us the closest view of the candidates under fire. The pressure is ON. Absurd NOT is my vote.


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Should surgery be filmed?

25 09 2008
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I think all major surgical procedures should be recorded on video with sound. That would keep patients safer and at the same time it would provide a means where Doctors could protect themselves as well. With the sky high cost of doing business as a surgeon right now the fact that operations are NOT recorded is IMHO Absurd.

If I asked one of the top arizona malpractice attorneys what they thought I’m sure I would get an interesting answer. For one thing, the cost to insure surgeons has gotten so high it changed the medical practice in this country – not in a good way. We need patients to get good care and we need Doctors to be able to operate without the cost to be prohibitive.

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Is the Electoral College Absurd ??

24 09 2008
2004 Election Map

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My vote is overwhelmingly – Yes – it’s absurd !!! In this day of electronic and computer based control system there is absolutely no need for an electoral college.  It was invented to control a common problem 250 years ago where mobs were encouraged to vote for a particular candidate by getting free food and drinks. I think there should be one vote per person and that’s it. Lets go to a pure Democracy because our computers can certainly handle it.

The worst part of having an Absurd system like the Electoral College is sometimes the popularly elected winner in the Presidential race is NOT elected.This has happened 3 times in history:1876, 188 (who cares right?) and 2000 when George W. Bush beat Al Gore by 5 electoral college votes and LOST to popular vote.

Are music copyright laws in the UK simply ABSURD?

23 09 2008

Musical artists can earn royalties for 50 years from the year a recording was made. Writers can earn for 70. Is that ridiculous or what? In a word – yes. Becasue the two should be equal, the UK law is absurd.

Personally I can’t stand the creeps that jack up the prices kids pay for music so high they seem out of control. They sue kids and family members trying to kill them financially for the rest of their lives to protect their artificially high fees. Because of those 2 reasons I have no remorse over their situation. But it does seem a tiny bit unfair.Liverpool DuskImage by petecarr via Flickr

Absurd Law… judge orders victim to pay convicted criminal

22 09 2008
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Sometimes the law should be amended by Congress to fix a big problem. Here is a case where  Congress should take notice and act. A guy paid 80 grand to a builder and the builder ripped him off. After a criminal trial the builder paid back some of the money and was making payments on the rest. He declared bankruptcy and the bankruptcy judge ruled the victim had to pay back the perpetrator. IMHO this judge should have reviewed the case history a little more thoroughly as he landed up punishing the victim. Adding insult to injury as it were.

Lets hold judges accountable for doing the right thing. Let’s amend to law to prevent a case like this where the judge victimized a good person and his family.

Another point is that in this day of electronic information, judges should not be allowed to rule in favor of a party JUST becasue the opposition cannot pay thousands in airfare to be in person at the court. They should be allowed to phone in or conference in from their attorneys office.

Here is an example. I’m on vacation in Florida and a drunk hits my car. I retain one of the top West Palm Beach accident attorneys, Scott Smith to represent me. I am present for the criminal trial for example and we win the case. Then later the guy who hit me when he was intoxicated files for bankruptcy and a bankruptsy judge orders me to pay the perpetrator back the money I previously was awarded in criminal court.  Wow !!!

Bankruptcy judge orders victim to pay back thief

By JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN, Associated Press Writer Mon Sep 22, 4:01 AM ET

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Mark Poveromo feels ripped off twice over. A judge ordered him to repay money he collected from a builder convicted of stealing from him — and told him to kick in the thief’s attorney fees and court costs, too.

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Fire the head of the SEC – Absurd NOT !!!

19 09 2008
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Our friends at AP as reported by Yahoo News printed: Republican John McCain, buffeted by criticism about his response to Wall Street‘s financial problems, said Thursday he would fire the SEC chairman and create a special trust to help strengthen weak institutions.

Well as a former Wall Street Banking Officer – I’ve had a lot of experience in Investment Banking. The normal response when there is a problem in IB is to point a finger at someone and fire them. It just feels good too. In this case I don;t think Mr. Cox is probably personally to blame but it would still be good to fire him to make the US Governments response appear strong. Bush who appointed him is still backing him for now. But I think Cox should be a stand up guy and go ahead and resign. Take the fall. The whole world is watching.

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