Illegal to play card games like Roly Poley in South Carolina

25 08 2008
Cyril Thomas. Tenafly Police Departmen...Image via Wikipedia

There are some laws on the books in South Carolina that forbid games like roly poley and draughts. The laws can be used to declare a residence where roly poley is being played as an illegal casino or as a public gaming house. This is ABSURD.

So the cops can bust in with SWAT gear and shut down games like Roly Poley where betting is happening. In my humble opinion, we should have a Federal Mandate to force states to update antiquated laws like this within a 5 year period. This law in particular is poised to be abused by over zealous prosecutors and police alike.

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2 responses

25 08 2008

I play cards every week at home with wagering in a friendly amount not to exceed 50 bucks per person. I see no harm in it and with a law like that is seems ridiculous.

5 09 2008
asbury park

um, i dont even know what roley poley is… lol. not a bettin gal myself. Better to invest it. Or spend it on shoes 😉

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