3.5 million views Tricia Walsh-Smith video

1 08 2008

In case anyone has not heard of this case… this lady married a man 25 years her senior. His net worth was in excess of 50 million dollars and he had her sign a prenuptial agreement granting her 750k in the event of a divorce. She took him to court trying to get much more but the judge ruled she had “a calculated and callous campaign to embarrass and humiliate her husband” with the video. The judge granted the divorce and ruled the prenup intact and valid.

Now what I want to know is what was she thinking when she posted this video on You Tube? Did she even have a lawyer? Now with that kind of money, if I were her wealthy husband, would I have gone to Texas for the divorce? Next time I get a chance I will ask Phoenix Divorce Attorney Ed Britt the same question. Could the husband have possibly done any better in the state of Arizona? I’ll bet Ed tells me the only person who could have done better is Mrs. Walsh-Smith who would have done better not trying to make a fool out of her husband before the trial.



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2 08 2008
Tommy Lee Smith

I don’t do divorce but I felt sorry for both people on this one. She needs someone to give her legal advice – this video was pathetic. Someone should have either stopped her or made a LOT BETTER.

The guy who married her made a poor choice for love. He might have been better off with just having significant friends.

4 08 2008
Bill Tulane

First of all, a video is not always bad. Its that Mrs. Walsh-Smith made it bad by being so insulting and personally embarrassing for her older husband. If she had done that in the courtroom it would have been very different than airing dirty laundry in the public eye… and in front of children as well.

5 09 2008
asbury park

she lost that case, didnt she? Should’ve had a better divorce lawyer.

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