Illegal to play card games like Roly Poley in South Carolina

25 08 2008
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There are some laws on the books in South Carolina that forbid games like roly poley and draughts. The laws can be used to declare a residence where roly poley is being played as an illegal casino or as a public gaming house. This is ABSURD.

So the cops can bust in with SWAT gear and shut down games like Roly Poley where betting is happening. In my humble opinion, we should have a Federal Mandate to force states to update antiquated laws like this within a 5 year period. This law in particular is poised to be abused by over zealous prosecutors and police alike.

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Funny laws? How about range in sentencing?

22 08 2008
As of 2001, the chances of going to prison in ...Image via Wikipedia

How many times have 2 people been convicted of the same crime in the United States and they have gotten extremely different sentences. I remember 20 years ago when an Oklahoma based family member of a Naval Officer I knew got 20 years for having a seed. The same crime in another state would be no time in jail.

Here is an interesting chart that breaks down sentencing for different demographic groups. Sentencing at the State level should be federally controlled because of the ABSURD State laws with different sentencing guidelines.

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Some Turkish Students are going against absurd laws

21 08 2008
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Female students
A number of Turkish universities have defied a new law allowing women students to wear Islamic headscarves. I wish them luck. Suppression of women’s rights is common in many of the world’s major religions. I think most of these laws were invented purely by men trying to control their population and there is less than zero proof that they were inspired by supernatural powers. Therefore they are absurd.

Women are great surgeons, politicians, professors, and hundreds of other professions in societies where they are not suppressed by absurd laws. It takes time and patients to change old beliefs especially in areas where there is little or no education or news media.

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More on protesting the WRONG WAY – a video !!!

12 08 2008

Can’t someone help the good Reverend to get a permit next time? These are 6 figure cops being deployed at a rate of 10 grand PER HOUR.

Protesting Coffee from Ethiopia the wrong way

12 08 2008

Here is a lot of tax dollars being spent to break up a protest that was staged illegally. It all could have been avoided if the perpetrator got a permit for a rally and organized it a little. Instead he went with a bullhorn and disrupted business and people for some kind of cause. He landed up in jail. And when he got out of jail he went back to the Starbucks down near the cube on Astor Place in NYC and he got arrested again.

Place of Assembly Permits in New York City

  • A special permit called a Place of Assembly permit (PA) is required for premises where 75 or more members of the public gather indoors or 200 or more gather outdoors, for religious, recreational, educational, political or social purposes, or to consume food or drink.

So in my humble opinion IMHO this is an Absurd NOT law. We can assemble and protest all we want as long as we organize it first. Disrupting businesses and people and traffic and making a hundred cops have to get involved is a bad way to get your message out.

3.5 million views Tricia Walsh-Smith video

1 08 2008

In case anyone has not heard of this case… this lady married a man 25 years her senior. His net worth was in excess of 50 million dollars and he had her sign a prenuptial agreement granting her 750k in the event of a divorce. She took him to court trying to get much more but the judge ruled she had “a calculated and callous campaign to embarrass and humiliate her husband” with the video. The judge granted the divorce and ruled the prenup intact and valid.

Now what I want to know is what was she thinking when she posted this video on You Tube? Did she even have a lawyer? Now with that kind of money, if I were her wealthy husband, would I have gone to Texas for the divorce? Next time I get a chance I will ask Phoenix Divorce Attorney Ed Britt the same question. Could the husband have possibly done any better in the state of Arizona? I’ll bet Ed tells me the only person who could have done better is Mrs. Walsh-Smith who would have done better not trying to make a fool out of her husband before the trial.