Immigrant Detention Healthcare beats my plan !!

28 07 2008

States like Arizona fine employers who hire illegal workers. In NJ we don’t fine employers, we make them wealthy. Because they don’t have to pay social security on most of their worker’s under the table hours… and they don’t pay healthcare. The taxpayers pay for their healthcare.

Only in America !!!

Well there have been complaints surfacing that the healthcare in the NJ Illegal Immigrant Detention facility in Elizabeth is substandard. I have to ask myself substandard to WHAT?

I remember driving through Tijuana and seeing 200 men on a particular street corner once, many with distended bellies from malnutrition, and few with a pairs of shoes. Mexico “our friend”. So what kind of healthcare does Mexico provide their own people? Less than “nada”. So to get healthcare these guys just have to make it to NJ. Can’t blame them really, the NJ Legislature created the problem with ABSURD LAWS.

So U.S. Senator Robert Menendez is going to Elizabeth today to tour the Immigration Detention Facility himself. I agree 100% that any prisoners in this country should have access to good healthcare, decent food, and safety. But what the heck is going on with the law that keeps millions and millions of illegals going back for more?

NOT a NJ Prison

NOT a NJ Prison



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2 08 2008

That looks like lunch break for the cleaners at Harvard! THey are unionized and they get to sleep on lunch break. Since they all have 2 jobs they sleep a few hours every cleaning shift at the University “if they already got their work done”.

4 08 2008
Cindy Wicker

That looks like the frat house at Rutgers I got sick in.

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