Should Police Shoot Animals?

22 07 2008

Here are some interesting stats from Yonkers in 2008. This data is from a NewsDay article. For those of you who are not aware, Yonkers is a section of New York that is next to the Bronx. Last year the police fired their weapons a grand total of 46 times. How many of those times were the cops shooting at a perp? Exactly one. Then there were 45 times they shot animals and there was one accidental firing. Wow! That’s interesting. It seems they are shooting animals a lot in Yonkers. Is that absurd?

In my humble opinion, it is always dangerous to discharge a firearm anywhere outside of a specially designed shooting range. So in my opinion, shooting 45 times at animals in a year seems extreme, bordering on absurd. If Yonkers has SWAT why don’t they have a nice long shock stick to incapacitate animals rather than shooting at them?

Now there are times when there is no better option, a police officer has to make an immediate decision to save a life. I’ve seen a couple incidents where a pit bull went absolutely berserk and it had to be shot. In fact some of those dogs have to be shot 2 or 3 times to bring them down. But in most instances I would think there is a safer and more humane way to deal with an animal control situation rather than shooting it in the city limits.

What do you think? Should we have special animal control equipment in patrol cars so police do not have to discharge their weapons so many times at animals?



One response

12 09 2008

It is absurd to hear how many times an adult man has to use that kind of force on an animal. Sometimes it is because they are a coward other times I do know it has to be done. I think they need more knowledge of animals. They need more training and I do believe that there should be people on the force just for that purpose. For instance, the cop that shot that poor puppy that was jumping around and he was so much of a coward that he shot and killed a PUPPY! Are you kidding me?! My opinion is he should have been fired! I can’t say it enough about how it angers me on how ignorant police officers are about animals. If they are truely going to protect the public then they need to have more training on not doing any needless KILLING of their pets!

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