Are US drug laws absurd? You bet.

30 07 2008

In the United States we have had two Presidents and 3 Vice Presidents that were well known to have taken illegal drugs before being SWORN IN as President. We have had countless Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen, and untold numbers of police that were all former dopers.

So how is it that all these dopers can sleep at night knowing they busted millinos of people for using drugs illegally? 

Lets ask Arnold how he can sleep at night knowing he has tens of thousands of pot smokers in California prisons when he was filmed many times smoking pot. Absurd laws – you bet they are.


Immigrant Detention Healthcare beats my plan !!

28 07 2008

States like Arizona fine employers who hire illegal workers. In NJ we don’t fine employers, we make them wealthy. Because they don’t have to pay social security on most of their worker’s under the table hours… and they don’t pay healthcare. The taxpayers pay for their healthcare.

Only in America !!!

Well there have been complaints surfacing that the healthcare in the NJ Illegal Immigrant Detention facility in Elizabeth is substandard. I have to ask myself substandard to WHAT?

I remember driving through Tijuana and seeing 200 men on a particular street corner once, many with distended bellies from malnutrition, and few with a pairs of shoes. Mexico “our friend”. So what kind of healthcare does Mexico provide their own people? Less than “nada”. So to get healthcare these guys just have to make it to NJ. Can’t blame them really, the NJ Legislature created the problem with ABSURD LAWS.

So U.S. Senator Robert Menendez is going to Elizabeth today to tour the Immigration Detention Facility himself. I agree 100% that any prisoners in this country should have access to good healthcare, decent food, and safety. But what the heck is going on with the law that keeps millions and millions of illegals going back for more?

NOT a NJ Prison

NOT a NJ Prison

Should Police Shoot Animals?

22 07 2008

Here are some interesting stats from Yonkers in 2008. This data is from a NewsDay article. For those of you who are not aware, Yonkers is a section of New York that is next to the Bronx. Last year the police fired their weapons a grand total of 46 times. How many of those times were the cops shooting at a perp? Exactly one. Then there were 45 times they shot animals and there was one accidental firing. Wow! That’s interesting. It seems they are shooting animals a lot in Yonkers. Is that absurd?

In my humble opinion, it is always dangerous to discharge a firearm anywhere outside of a specially designed shooting range. So in my opinion, shooting 45 times at animals in a year seems extreme, bordering on absurd. If Yonkers has SWAT why don’t they have a nice long shock stick to incapacitate animals rather than shooting at them?

Now there are times when there is no better option, a police officer has to make an immediate decision to save a life. I’ve seen a couple incidents where a pit bull went absolutely berserk and it had to be shot. In fact some of those dogs have to be shot 2 or 3 times to bring them down. But in most instances I would think there is a safer and more humane way to deal with an animal control situation rather than shooting it in the city limits.

What do you think? Should we have special animal control equipment in patrol cars so police do not have to discharge their weapons so many times at animals?

Detaining “military combatants” in Guantanamo… Absurd or NOT?

17 07 2008

Lets backtrack briefly. 2001September 11 terrorists with Saudi paperwork kill thousands of civilians on American soil.  Less than a month later, US and multi national forces go into Afghanistan and start piling up Taliban bodies in a search for the mastermind of the 911 attacks. American military and CIA groups start taking prisoners. They are classified as “military combatants” although many are civilian like the personal driver of Osama Bin Laden.

Eventually over 300 of these prisoners make it to a super max security detention center on a tiny piece of land in Cuba which is controlled by the US – Guantanamo Bay.

The prisoners are held without really having formal charges against them. It is a practice called “Extrajudicial detention” and it seems reasonable during a shootout, but it seems absurd that these people do not get “Due Process” after some reasonable time period.

In July 2008, the US Supreme Court ruled that these detainees have the right to challenge the legality of their imprisonment in US Civilian Courts. President Bush immediately acknowledged the decision but stated he may try to get new legislation passed for this particular situation.

Personally, I think this detention is an ABSURD Law. I think these people should be tried in Military or Civilian Courts immediately. The practice of imprisoning people without charging them is pathetic and common in dictatorships and communist countries. The US is filled with freedom loving people and we should do whatever it takes to be fair to all people. I also feel many of these prisoners should have the opportunity to choose speedy execution when they are convicted of capitol crimes, but that is another issue.

Any comments?

detention with no charges

detention with no charges

Here is one NOT to laugh about… State Seat Belt Laws

14 07 2008
car crash

car crash

All 50 states have sealtbelt laws… but could we do a better job with this if it was one of those laws that was federally mandated? For one thing we would make it easier for all Americans to remember seatbelt rules if it were the same in all 50 states. We would also set a standard for a minimum where states had the right to make their own laws that were even more stringent if they so desired. I think we should have a federal seatbelt law.
One of the inconsistancies with seat belt laws in the US is that cops cannot pull over a vehicle for obvious disregard of seatbelt laws in some states. That does not seem right to me and I am surprised insurance companies have not pushed harder to get this mandated federally. They are shelling out more cash to pay for crashes where injuries for all parties could have been minimized if police had the power to enforce better.
So I thinkthe fact we do not have federal seat belt laws is ABSURD.

Bergen County Blue Laws

7 07 2008
bergen county nj

bergen county nj

We have had so called “Blue Laws” in the United Stats for hundreds of years. They were mainly designed to encourage more church attendance on Sunday mornings by prohibiting operation of businesses on Sundays. Well there were a lot of laws on the books two hundred years ago that were inappropriate or what we would now term as “politically incorrect”. Civil rights in the 1960’s eliminated many of these unfortunate and absurd laws. But one of these blue laws lives on and is going strong. The Bergen County Blue Laws that were started probably in the 1960s.

So Bergen County has blue laws to ease the traffic on Route 17 and Route 4 for one day a week. But I think That’s an Absurd Law. I find myself going to New York State to go shopping on Sundays when I am too busy with work on Saturday to go. And Paramus wants to collect huge taxes from operating the malls and then cut off the shoppers for 50 towns in every direction so they can have a little less congestion on one afternoon? Forget about it, sooner or later one of the giant retailers will have a law firm do personal investigations on all the board members in Paramus who vote in the blue laws and they will “somehow” get the law repealed.