2nd Amendment… absurd constitutional law ??

26 06 2008

The US Supreme court is deciding a ruling on whether the 2nd amendment gives people the right to bear arms or the right for an armed militia to form. The incident that sparked this was a law in Washington DC that prohibits the possession of hand guns. In a city that elected a known crack head to another term as mayor, allowing handguns to circulate will certainly lead to more gun crime and death.

The US has around 10,000 murders a year. Is that what freedom is supposed to be about? I doubt it. But the gun lobby has a lot of money and they make a lot of payoffs. It will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court handles this. I hope they rule the possession of hand guns is NOT constitutionally guaranteed. I think citizens should apply for them and face a background test. That is reasonable. Those citizens should also supply DNA, and retina scans, and fingerprint, and biographical information.

I enjoy shooting trap and skeet with my children who are 8 and 10 years old. We do it in a controlled environment that is safe and fun. There are 90 guns in the US for every 100 people and that is too many.

gun law decision

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Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez defends against “imperialist” attacks

23 06 2008

Our friend from town of Sabaneta, Barinas┬áMr. Chavez is so paranoid about the CIA nailing him for his anti-US Rhetoric he instituted a new law designed to help ferret out spies. Part of the law apparently requires judges and prosecutors to squeal about anything and everything they know… to the secret intelligence network. Forget about due process. Next forget about lawyer client privilege – no need for that in Venezuela either.

According to the BBC article I picked this up from: “Here you have the president legislating by decree that the country’s judges must serve as spies for the government,” Jose Miguel Vivanco, Americas Director for Human Rights Watch, said.

The United States actually beat him to the punchline years before with the Patriot Act. That gives military and intelligence gathers permission to wiretap without court orders. When the US Patriot Act was created, Chavez blasted the US calling it a “dictatorial law”. He has a better way to word it calling his law “a framework of great respect for human rights”.

If that is not a total joke I don’t know what is. Absurd Law – on one hand the freedom and liberty types would call it an abomination. The right wing military types would call it a get out of jail card.


Cat bells are required in Cresskill NJ

17 06 2008

Do you believe this one? Cats are required to wear 3 bells to warn birds in Cresskill. There are some real bird people there apparently. Some people might consider this absurd but the fact that the US CDC lists a half dozen diseases that can pass to the owners of a residence containing cats,
cat with bells

Another absurd law NOT !!

11 06 2008

anti-smoking action Our friends in Canada just passed a law that cigarettes must be concealed from view in stores that sell them. There are about 15000 locations where cigs are sold legally. Each one of them had to install special devices to hide the packs from view.

For generations big tobacco companies have been murdering people with US Government backing and subsidies. Now this is an Absurd NOT law that we can all live with.

Interesting laws in Thailand

6 06 2008

There are a bevy of laws in Thailand made to protect the respect and the office of the King. Now most of them are reasonable considering the entire culture is thousands of years old and the monarchy has been revered culturally for a long time. But it goes to extremes sometimes and here is one for example. It is illegal to step on Thai Bhat
thai bhatbecause the Kings picture is on many of the bills. Well we have similar laws in the US don’t we? THink about it. And next time you are in Bangkok don’t step on the money !!

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How does the lawyer say it?

5 06 2008

my orangeWe were having a lecture on contract law and the prof asked Jeff “How do you give an orange to your client?”

Jeff responded “here you go Sir, you can have this orange.”

The Prof said “Yes, Jeff, that would be correct if you were not a lawyer but when you are a lawyer it goes a little like this:… I hereby and henceforth convey to you all my interests and rights to all claims and titles, including all derived advantage of possession of the title in this orange, along with the juice, pulp, rind, and seeds, not to exclude the full power to eat, cut, squeeze, or sell the future rights or instruments created through the processing of said orange, notwithstanding…”

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Columbia Law School – Yea

3 06 2008

Columbia U law school
My life long friend Melissa went to Columbia as an unergrad. We played Frisbee there at least a hundred times. The courtyard in the middle of Columbia is great except for the low iron fences. Well they had a RULE or maybe it was a campus Law that we could not throw frisbees – it was loosly enforced. Sometimes it was enforced and most times is was NOT. Well in this photo you see the graduation seats and on this day everyone in the place was playing frisbee – with graduation caps. That was one of my favorite courtyards anywhere.