Real Law in the United States

21 04 2008

You can hire a so called “good lawyer” if you want and of course they all “know the law”.  But my suggestion to you is to try to find and hire a “great lawyer” because a great lawyer “knows the judge” (and plays golf with him at their club).



Baggy Pants LAW

14 04 2008

According to our friends at AP, Senator Gary Siplin’s baggy pants bill bill was approved 28-11 by the Florida Senate in March. The new law would prohibit students from exposing their underware by wearing pants that were way too big for them. This is the lattest ANTI-CRACK measure taken by the Florida lawmakers who just don’t want to see youthful males exposing their butts in public anymore.




Daddy, can you bring your gun to work on family day?

14 04 2008

bring a gun to work legally !!
Yes son said the boy’s father… “because we live in Florida, my employer can’t forbid me from keeping my .357 Colt Python or my speed loader in the glove box of the car.” Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes and this qualifies.

On Wednesday April 9th, 2008 Tallahassee lawmakers moved the the so-called “take-your-guns-to-work” measure to the Governor Charlie Christ to approve. The measure was passed by a 2 to 1 margin and it was backed by the NRA and some labor unions.

The reasoning is that Florida residents should have the right to protect themselves in their cars using powerful handguns if they so choose to. The only requirement for keeping your gun in your can then would be that you must have a carrying permit.

So the next time a mental patient in Florida takes a handgun to school and kills a half dozen people, rest assured it was totally legal in Florida… right until the point he started shooting… as long as he had a permit to carry.

Parliment created some of the most absurd laws in history… here’s one.

11 04 2008

london calling

4000 Brits were apparently asked what they felt the most absurd English laws were by UKTV. I found it in a BBC report from 11-7-07. The best item was that it was formerly:

– Illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament

Right. Illegal it is. Well then, taking that into consideration, we will have to make sure that if any of those perps even makes an attempt to break this law, we should be ready to apprehend and restrain the suspect. I’d expect video system should be in place to record acts like this.